A Church for Everyone


A Church for Everyone

Walking into any new, unknown public place for the first time can be daunting for us all. For a person with learning difficulties and/or communication barriers, this anxiety only increases.

How will I introduce myself?

How will I be received?

How will I explain that I need ‘Just A Minute’ more?

reducing communication barriers

A group of young people from Northern Ireland, who have experienced such issues on a daily basis, have created an initiative that will help to overcome such fears for anyone with a communication barrier.

Their ‘JAM card’ creation means that asking for some extra time and patience to communicate is as easy as discreetly showing a card or an app. JAM card friendly businesses and groups are trained to automatically recognise the JAM card and know how to best serve the person based on their individual needs.

A place to call home

We know that God calls us at Foundation Church to reach out to all people:

‘Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers (Heb 13:2).’


‘Count others more significant than yourself (Phil 2:3).’


‘Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you (Rom 15:7).’

By becoming the first JAM card friendly church we are joining over 8000 businesses across the island of Ireland who are saying to over 13000 JAM card users that we value them and we are ready to communicate with them at a pace that suits their individual needs.

Church as family

Churches should be safe havens where anyone can come to meet Jesus and shelter under God’s wing, surrounded by a loving, welcoming family. We are so appreciative that we can be part of the JAM card initiative and learn to do all we can to let JAM card users know that there is no barrier that Jesus can’t overcome!

For more information visit NOW Group.