Connect with God in 2019

Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 yet? If not, read this first!

Whatever you resolve to do in 2019, make sure that deepening your relationship with God is top of the list.

The Tool

At Foundation Church we have been using the Community Bible Reading Journal to help us connect more deeply with God and one another. The Bible is God’s gift to us. So by reading God’s word together we can know him and enjoy him more and more.

The Method

This is how CBR works. Each day as individuals we read two chapters – one Old Testament, one New Testament. This can happen at any time of the day that works for you. Start with a prayer of Surrender, giving yourself to listening and following God’s word to you that day. With the CBR Journal, there is space to pray through your pen: so write it down!

Then allow these four areas to guide your reading: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. 

As you read, think: What am I reading that leads me to praise and adore God?  And then write down what occurs to you. Likewise, jot down sins or sinfulness that the Bible calls you to confess. Give thanksgiving for the person and work of Jesus. And in supplication ask the Holy Spirit to work in specific areas in your life

There is space on each page of the CBR Journal to record your thoughts and prayers. When you are finished reading, pray your prayers and insights back to God.

The Community

Most Bible reading plans will stop at this point, but not CBR! The Community aspect to Bible reading is key. After reading and responding to God in prayer, we prepare for Gospel Community. Share the standout insight that God has given you as you have engaged with his Word.

This takes the form of a sentence or two at the most. What way has God impacted you through the Bible today? And then share your insight with a few others in gospel community.

We use designated CBR Whatsapp groups at Foundation Church – up to five people sharing their insights and comments together. Sharing in a small group enriches your experience hearing God from his Word, and helps to encourage one another. In community we see things in the Bible we may have missed if we just read on our own.

The Call

CBR is open to everyone. There’s no age limit or experience level required – just a hunger to know God better.

CBR Journals are available to purchase from Foundation Church (£8 each). So come and join the conversation!

Visit for more information on the CBR Journal