Demons Flee in Jesus’ Name

In this talk we tackle a challenging topic – the presence and reality of evil spiritual entities, namely demons. It’s a challenging topic, not because the Bible has nothing to say about it. Rather it’s a challenge because we don’t talk much about it in our Western context. We don’t possess a category for evil spirits, far less acknowledge their presence.

Outside of the cultural West this is not the case. Many, if not most non-Western cultures readily accept the presence of the spirit world, a world that exists and interacts with our own.

When the Kingdom of God advances we observe a clash with the kingdom of this world, the kingdom of darkness. Yet the Kingdom of God is supreme because Jesus the king is victorious over all his enemies – sin, death and the devil.

Yet the Bible equips us with wisdom about how we can recognise the presence of the demonic and how to deal with it when we are exposed to it, particularly when praying with others.

In this message we see:

  • The Kingdom of God Clashes
  • The Kingdom of God Pushes
  • The Kingdom of God Received
  • The Kingdom of God Applied

Main Text

Mark 9:14-29


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast