How to Act in the World

Christians are to live lives that positively impact those around them. The Christian faith has a role in how believers behave in society. They are to be outstanding citizens of their own city or nation.

The people of Crete were not renowned for being outstanding citizens. In fact they bore a reputation of being rebellious and obstinate.

However those who heard and believed the message of Jesus Christ were called to live in distinction to the Cretan stereotype. This is because followers of Christ are called to recognise the God-given authority of civil authorities.

This was not possible because the Cretan believers simply chose to live moral lives from now on. It was only through the transforming work of God in their lives that they were able to live lives of distinction and humility.

In this message we see:

  • How to act in the world
  • How we used to act in the world
  • How God acted in the world
  • The basis for our actions in the world

Main Passage

Titus 3:1-8


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast

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