Jesus: Expectation, Disappointment, Surprise

The community at Foundation Church Belfast is centred around one person – Jesus. What he said and did has profound implications for our life together. As we are a community shaped on this remarkable figure, it makes good sense to learn as much as we can about him so that we might be deeply influenced by him.

Our studies in the Gospel According to Mark help us learn about Jesus from the earliest sources about his life and work. 

In this message we examine the section known as ‘The Triumphal Entry’ – Jesus’s official arrival and entry into Jerusalem. However his arrival was something of an anti-climax, with the crowds quickly dissapating after an early bit of excitement.

Was this just really bad timing? Does Jesus disappoint people like this today? 

For many people, his arrival into Jerusalem could have been Jesus’s moment of glory and he blew it. However for Jesus, it was just another step towards his true moment of glory – his death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead.

The cross helps us deal with any disappointment we may experience in life.

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Main text

Mark 11:1-11


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast