Living the Truth

As we journey towards the climactic moment of Mark’s gospel account – the cross of Christ, we are confronted with the challenges of living God’s truth in a world that doesn’t want to hear it.

Today we are faced with a radical choice – embrace and live out the truth of God, just as Jesus did; or abstract ourselves from the truth and find safety in denial, just like Peter.

Our vision at Foundation Church Belfast is to catalyse gospel transformation in our city and nations through resourcing, renewal, and replication. (Read more about our vision here.)

But what if that we knew that vision would only come to pass with suffering? Would we still be enthusiastic lay our lives down for the cause of Christ and the coming kingdom across Ireland?

This text challenges an unbalanced approach to the mission of the church, but gives us great motivation to serve God radically.

In this message we see:

  • The Model of Living the Truth;
  • The Warning of Living the Truth;
  • The Challenge of Living the Truth

Main Text

Mark 14:53-72


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast