Love has left the building

The church at Ephesus is a busy church, getting on with lots of ministry and standing up for the truth. They may have expected nothing but commendation from Jesus as he spoke to the seven churches of Asia Minor, but a shock was in store – the very existence of the church was in doubt.

What could possibly be wrong with a church that is doing so much activity? The answer is that they have lost their first love, abandoning the initial reason they engaged in loving, Christ-honouring service in the first place.

The message to the church at Ephesus is very relevant for us today: there are many churches who are externally very active but yet love has all but drained out of the church – and this can be sensed by all who are in contact with the church.

How can we prevent becoming a loveless church? Or how do we respond if we recognise some of the Ephesian spirit in ourselves? This message seeks to answer such questions.

Main passage: Revelation 2:1-7