United with Jesus: Baptism Sunday

Baptism is a powerful moment that shapes and defines the Christian faith. At its heart, baptism points to the profound spiritual connection between Jesus and his people.


In baptism we see what happened to Jesus, happens to us. Through faith, a believer has died with Christ, and is already set free from the power of sin. Likewise, through faith, the believer will also be raised with Christ – the hope of the resurrection life.


Both the past event of the cross of Christ and the future hope of our resurrection impact our present reality: Guilt is gone! Power to overcome sin! Hope even in the face of sorrow!


This sets up a community of people who are centred around Christ, and united by their baptism. We are a community on mission at Foundation Church Belfast, helping one another live out the implications of our baptism and drawing on the huge resources that God sends through his Son Jesus.

Main Text

Romans 6:1-11


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast