We Plant and Strengthen Churches

In the newly-formed church in Antioch, we see a gifted team being assembled by the Holy Spirit that plants and strengthens the church.

Unnamed evangelists bring the good news to Antioch; Barnabas brings apostolic exhortation and encouragement; Saul brings top class teaching for the new believers; Agabus adds prophetic fire power.

Yet the church didn’t exist on its own. It was strengthened by the Jerusalem church, and in turn, strengthened the Jerusalem church by sending financial aid.

In this dynamic planting and strengthening, we see a model of how churches are to be today – with the same gospel and the same Holy Spirit, we are led to pray, ‘Do it again Lord.’


Acts 11:19-30


David Varney, Pastor Foundation Church Belfast


Every Sunday 10:30am – 2d Knockwood Crescent, Belfast, BT5 6GE

We are part of the Advance Movement of churches and the wider Newfrontiers family.