Demons Flee in Jesus’ Name

In this talk we tackle a challenging topic – the presence and reality of evil spiritual entities, namely demons. It’s a challenging topic, not because the Bible has nothing to say about it. Rather it’s a challenge because we don’t talk much about it in o…

The Lord’s Prayer

Teaching from Chris McKinven, one of the eldership team at The Way Church Ballyclare.

Main Text

Luke 11:1-13

Real Religion – Restoring Broken Community

Restoring Broken Community
In our final message from the Real Religion series, we look at James’ parting shot: the call to restore broken community.
From what do we bring a brother back?
Why should we bring a brother back?
How do we bring a brother back?…

Real Religion – How to Pray Powerful Prayers

Today we look at the Bible’s teaching on prayer and healing in James 5:13-18.
Part 1 – What is powerful prayer?
Part 2 – Why is prayer powerful?
Part 3 – How can we access powerful prayer?
Part 4 – How do we use powerful prayer?

Message by David Va…

Real Religion – How to Suffer Well

James teaches us how to suffer well. He shows us that suffering well requires hope.
In the Christian faith, hope is available as the second coming of Christ is eagerly awaited. Hope is never so important than during times of suffering.
In this message we…

Real Religion – How Wealth Should Be Used

In this talk we examine the abuse of wealth. This was taking place in the churches James addressed. There was a notable economic diversity among the churches, but that led at times to oppression of the poor by the rich.
The poor were denied basic pay by …

Real Religion – Boasting About Tomorrow

Pastor David Varney continues to take us through the series of Real Religion while looking at the book of James. This week we look at the topic of boasting about tomorrow
Passage – James 4:13-17

Real Religion – Show No Partiality

Pastor David Varney continues our series on Real Religion with a look at James’ warnings against showing partiality against the poor
Passage – James 2:1-13

Real Religion – Hearers and Doers

Pastor David continues our series on Real Religion and delivers us Gods word regarding the importance of being both a hearer and a doer of the word
Passage – James 1:16-27