Community Defeater: Dysfunctional Sexuality

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Sex is a gift from God that expresses and deepens the most profound human relationship – marking the spiritual union between a husband and wife.
Anything that weakens or undermines God’s design for sex threatens the integrity of marriage, and of the …

Equipping the Saints: Apostles

 by David Varney

In this talk we examine the first of the catalytic gifts given by the ascended Jesus to establish and grow healthy churches: The Apostle.
We examine the biblical teaching on apostleship and consider:
Who is an apostle?
What does the apostolic ministry …

Four Seasons of Church Life

 by David Varney

In this personal message, David Varney teaches on the Four Seasons of Church Life as understood from the perspective of Israel’s experience.
In Deuteronomy, Moses addresses the entire covenant community before they cross over the Jordan River to enter th…

Heart Songs: Intimacy

 by David Varney

Everyone longs for intimacy. To know and be known is part of what makes us human.
In this ancient Hebrew song we hear the yearning of the songwriter’s heart for God. As we examine the lyrics, we can see more of what intimacy with God looks like, and why …

Staying Impactful on Mission

 by David Varney

Churches can turn in on themselves becoming inward looking and consumed by what is taking place within the walls.
At the conclusion of his letter to Titus, the Apostle Paul sketches the ways that a church can avoid this. According to him, staying impactf…