Another Threat to the Church – Too Many Plates Spinning

The early church had grown rapidly as the Word of God and the Spirit of God spread like fire.

Up to this point, the Apostles oversaw the distribution of funds to the poor in the church. But as the church grew, the Apostles found themselves spinning too many plates. Some widows were being neglected. The preaching of the gospel was being compromised. Something had to be done.

So the Apostles told the church to find seven Spirit-filled and wise leaders to oversee the care for the poor, freeing up the Apostles for prayer and preaching the good news.

When these leaders were installed, the church gained even more ground, growing and multiplying like never before.

When we identify and release the bottleneck of ‘too many plates spinning’, we may humbly expect God to multiply and grow the church.


Acts 6:1-7


David Varney, Pastor Foundation Church Belfast


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