Community Makers Community Breakers

We hear teaching from an astonishing section of the history of the early church.

A husband and wife chose to conspire against the church and ultimately against God and end up dead as a result. Their sin? Using religion to make themselves influential in the eyes of others.

Theirs was a subtle subversion – projecting a self-made righteousness.

It could have divided the church and caused distraction from the mission. But Jesus protected his people – the church. Through his Spirit he revealed the hearts and motivations of this couple and dealt with them severely.

This message equips us to be aware of community breakers, but also to inspire us to be community makers – like Barnabas (4:36-37).


Acts 4:32-5:11


David Varney, Pastor Foundation Church Belfast


Every Sunday 10:30am – 2d Knockwood Crescent, Belfast, BT5 6GE

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