Heart Songs: Justice

When we see or experience injustice – whether personally or observe it elsewhere in the world – we naturally sense an inner anger towards it. We ask, ‘How can this be tolerated?’ ‘How can they get away with it?’ ‘Where is God in all this?’

In Psalm 10, the song-writer laments the injustice in the world around him. We are given words to use ourselves to give expression to our outrage and grief at injustice.

We are not left there however. In this Psalm we also see a God who acts against injustice, taking huge steps to punish oppressors and provide comfort for the oppressed.

This message ends outlining five practices we can use to help overcome injustice:

  1. Learn to lament
  2. Swing the focus onto God’s justice
  3. Seek justice not payback
  4. Be humbled by the gospel of Jesus
  5. Experience progressive restoration

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Psalm 10


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast

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