The Scandal of the Spirit of Jonah

 by Foundation Church Belfast

The book of Jonah ends with a cliff-hanger. The real reason for his running from God comes out and it’s not pretty.
Jonah appreciates and enjoys the mercy of God when it is directed towards him – and his people – but when God wants that mercy to ex…

Mercy in the Storm

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Is it possible to experience the saving work of God in the middle of a storm? In this message we see how God shows mercy despite the best efforts of Jonah to run in the opposite direction.
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Jonah 1
David Varney, pastor Foundation …

Heart Songs: Justice

 by David Varney

When we see or experience injustice – whether personally or observe it elsewhere in the world – we naturally sense an inner anger towards it. We ask, ‘How can this be tolerated?’ ‘How can they get away with it?’ ‘Where is God in all this?’
In Psalm 10,…