Jesus and the Divine Presence

By miraculously walking on water, Jesus revealed his divine presence to the Apostles. Yet their reaction was not a worshipful joy and humility; rather it was panic and terror.

Their reaction revealed their functional understanding of Jesus on a profound level. Whilst they heard his teaching and saw his miracles, they did not possess the spiritual and psychological framework for understanding what was right in front of them – Jesus is both human and God.

Yet for us the divine presence of Jesus is still available. In fact God promises to meet us in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances: through the Word of God, the sacraments and the prayers; but also through visions, dreams and prophetic insights.

As a church we are called to gladly receive all these gifts as God intends to demonstrate his presence to us, joining his Holy Spirit to these ordinary and extraordinary means.

Main Text

Mark 6:45-52

Sermon By

David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast

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