Jesus and the Storm

Jesus performs his most powerful miracle so far in the Gospel of Mark – the calming of the storm.

As we see, this sign is part of Jesus’ overall mission to reveal to his disciples his true identity. Through healings and exorcisms Jesus has shown he has authority over the forces of evil.

However in the calming of the storm Jesus shows he has mastery over the created order itself. He literally rebukes the wind and seas and they obey his word.

The disciples are dumbfounded and scared, asking ‘who is this man?’ They knew that only God can speak to creation and it listens.

Jesus’ mastery over the storm points to his authority over all storms. We may experience the peace and security found in him when we see how Jesus faced the greatest storm through his death on the cross. Yet his resurrection showed his authoritative word is ultimate.

In this message we see:

  • Jesus is present IN the storm
  • Jesus is powerful OVER the storm
  • Jesus is proclaimed BY the storm

Main text

Mark 4:35-41


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast

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