Spiritual Depression

Psalms 42 & 43 give us a vivid description of someone who is experiencing a profound darkness – Spiritual Depression.
In this message we consider the nature, causes, and cures for Spiritual Depression.
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Psalm 42-43
David Varne…

How Jesus Fulfils the Law

Marc Scheibe teaches on the relationship between followers of Jesus and the law of God, as part of our Life Together series.
Main Text
Matthew 5:17-20
Foundation Church Belfast
Every Sunday 10:30am – Belmont Tower, Belfast, BT4 3LS
We are part of t…

Spiritual Food That Satisfies

In the Christian gospel Jesus invites us to a feast. We are invited not only to feast with him but feast on him.
Hours before he went to the cross Jesus hosted a feast with his closest friends. He held out bread and said, ‘This is my body.’ And also th…