Learn the Truth, Live the Truth

It is often said that we are living in a post-truth world. Fake news and various conspiracy theories gain increasing traction in mainstream thought life, influencing the shape of our contemporary discourse.

Truth claims are seen as attempts to manipulate and gain power. This leads to widespread scepticism and suspicion about anyone making ultimate truth claims.

Paul writes to his deputy Titus who is carrying out apostolic work on the island of Crete. Crete is renowned for having a dubious approach to ‘truth’ which has led to a dehumanising and abusive society.

In this first message in our series from Paul’s letter to Titus, we examine the nature of truth from Paul’s perspective, and how he seeks to strengthen the fledgling churches in Crete, so that they understand and articulate a robust, vibrant faith.

Message by David Varney, pastor of Foundation Church Belfast.

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