Three Outstanding Values of the Restoration Community

For all the positive steps forward in the work of restoration, God’s people come to a life-or-death decision – do they follow God with their whole hearts?

This final message in our Restoration series through the book of Ezra comes to a climactic – and unfinished – ending. As contemporary readers we are left with a choice to make. Will we heed the lesson of the people in Ezra’s day and follow whole-heartedly after God, or will we allow our hearts to be captured by another love that welds a stronger influence in our lives?

In this message we see Three Outstanding Values of the Restoration Community:

  1. Meaningful Marriages
  2. Radical Repentance
  3. Living Lordship

This is not a comfortable message! It is challenging and radical. But this is what God calls his people to be. And it what we aspire to be as we obey him and live for him as a community on mission.