Spiritual Depression

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Psalms 42 & 43 give us a vivid description of someone who is experiencing a profound darkness – Spiritual Depression.
In this message we consider the nature, causes, and cures for Spiritual Depression.
Main Text
Psalm 42-43
David Varne…

Equipping the Saints: Prophet

 by David Varney

In this talk we examine the second of the catalytic gifts given by the ascended Jesus to establish and grow healthy churches: The Prophet.
We examine the biblical teaching on prophecy and consider:
What is prophecy?
How do prophetic gifts work within t…

Enjoying Healthy Community

 by David Varney

Enjoying Healthy Community
To develop and deepen healthy community, it is essential that we are united. In this sermon, we see that the church is to be united for good works and against division.
When we share this common unity and passion, a powerful co…

Living the Radical Ordinary

 by David Varney

How we interact with one another in the church carries attractional power before the onlooking world. According to St. Paul, the quality of our ordinary relationships beautifies the gospel of Jesus.
That elevates the importance of our relational connecti…