The Complications of Compromise

The church at Pergamum were struggling to hold on to their orthodox Christian faith whilst living in a city that was famous for its multiplicity of religious options. Rather than religious pluralism leading to tolerance and acceptance, these Christians were singled out for mistreatment by the majority non-Christian society.

Some in the church paid for this with their lives. However some in the church found other ways to deal with the opposition-by compromise.

Jesus commended those in the church that were remaining faithful to him and yet gave a strong warning to the small number who were trying to mix their Christian faith and the value system of their non-Christian majority culture.

Rather than single individuals out, Christ called on the entire local church to repent and deal with this potentially lethal compromise.

As members of the modern day church living in a predominantly non-Christian (or post-Christian) society we are susceptible to the subtle yet pervasive pressures to conform to the majority views and practices of our city.

As with each message to the churches of Asia Minor, Christ promises grace to respond and overcome these modern challenges to the faithfulness and expression of the Christian faith.

Main text: Revelation 2:12-17