Whose Kingdom Are You Building?

King Herod liked to project himself as a strong and competent leader, but in reality he was anything but this. He wanted to rule a magnificent kingdom of his own making, but his desire for power ended up controlling him.

In this episode we see a weak individual being manipulated by powerful forces acting on him: family, romance, sex, and approval.

These same forces are still prevalent in our own experience and they play a significant role in how we acquire and use power.

We can either use these as gifts to build God’s kingdom, or we can use them to build our own. One way we utilise these gifts will free us to become radically generous as we create something significant and enduring outside of ourselves. The other utilisation will end up enslaving us and controlling us as Herod found out.

Main Bible Text

Mark 6:14-29


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast.

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