Four Facets of Hope

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Hope is here: and it has real substance. 
The Christian gospel is founded on more than a good idea, or nice thoughts. There are real reasons why we can experience deep hope:
Hope is Rooted in Mercy
Hope is Marked by the Spirit
Hope Anticipates Total …

What Hope Does

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Andrew Wright teaches as part of our Advent series Hope is Here. 
Main Text
Luke 1:39-56
Andrew Wright, member of Foundation Church Belfast
Foundation Church Belfast
Every Sunday 10:30am – Belmont Tower, Belfast, BT4 3LS.
We are part o…

How God Gives Us Hope

 by Foundation Church Belfast

In this second talk in our advent series Hope is Here, we consider the astonishing announcement made to Mary about the coming Saviour King Jesus.
We see that God gives us hope:
In Salvation
Through Grace
By Faith
Understanding and receiving each …

How to Have Hope

 by David Varney

Hope is essential to life. No one can live without hope.
The Christian message says: Hope is Here!
In this series we examine the reason for hope as seen in the writings of Luke in his gospel account.
This first talk focuses on the first couple to hea…