Spiritual Food That Satisfies

In the Christian gospel Jesus invites us to a feast. We are invited not only to feast with him but feast on him.
Hours before he went to the cross Jesus hosted a feast with his closest friends. He held out bread and said, ‘This is my body.’ And also th…

The Real Jesus Always Provokes Reaction

One of the ways you can know you have encountered the real Jesus is that he provokes within you a reaction.
In the Gospel According to Mark, we never observe people who encounter Jesus and remain unchanged. 
In this message we see Jesus provokes:

The End of the Age

The End of the Age
Jesus had predicted the downfall of the Temple in Jerusalem, and his disciples wanted more details about the precise nature of when and how all this would happen.
But Jesus gave them more than they bargained for, extending his predic…

How to Distinguish Real Religion from Fake

Many looking at the church from outside can identify hypocrites – people who call themselves Christian but live as if it makes no difference to them. Outsiders may understandably conclude that the church is like this always.
However, the truth is far mor…

The Heart of Religion

For many people, religion is considered to consist of various dos and don’ts. But which rule is the most important?
Religious and non-religious people often live by a code… a fundamental rule for living:
Treat others as you want to be treated.
You be y…

How to Honour Caesar While Living for Jesus

Jesus’s critics are at it again. This time they employ cunning and flattery to attempt to trap Jesus in his words.
They bring up the question of taxation. Should God’s people pay taxes to the foreigners occupying their land? Answer yes and Jesus would ra…

The Authority of Jesus versus the Religious Gatekeepers

Jesus is seen as a threat by the upper hierarchy of the ruling religious leadership.
They were not there to welcome Jesus as he made his anti-climactic ‘triumphal entry’ a few days earlier. Their silence at his official arrival spoke volumes.
Now we see …