The Scandal of the Spirit of Jonah

 by Foundation Church Belfast

The book of Jonah ends with a cliff-hanger. The real reason for his running from God comes out and it’s not pretty.
Jonah appreciates and enjoys the mercy of God when it is directed towards him – and his people – but when God wants that mercy to ex…

Crying Out to God in the Darkness

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Jonah cries out to God from the place of deep darkness. He thought his life was over but he cried out to God with what little remained. But as Jonah discovered, God heard his cry. And God not only hears the cry for help, God acts to send rescue.

Mercy in the Storm

 by Foundation Church Belfast

Is it possible to experience the saving work of God in the middle of a storm? In this message we see how God shows mercy despite the best efforts of Jonah to run in the opposite direction.
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David Varney, pastor Foundation …