The Authoritative Word and Power of Jesus

Jesus often clashed with the religious establishment of his day. His teaching and miracles drew the criticism of many religious leaders who were less than pleased to see such authoritative teaching and power at work.

Yet crowds of ordinary people flocked to him, desperate to hear his words or to experience his healing power.

In this sermon we see vastly contrasting reactions to Jesus’ authoritative power and word. He evokes hostility as well as hunger in people.

Hostility often comes when we don’t think we need Jesus. In fact, we are most hostile when we see Jesus as a threat to our way of life, our foundational beliefs and system of thought.

However we are most hungry for Jesus when we realise how much we need him. When come to Jesus and understand we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, we step into his love and receive his power.

Main Text

Mark 2:23-3:12


David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast