Community Defeaters: The Root and Fruit of Anger

Jesus deals with the problem of anger by pointing not only to the fruit of anger, but also the root.
Anger arises in the deepest part of us – the heart – and from there it takes hold, producing all kinds of destructive fruits.
Jesus gives us practica…

Enjoying Healthy Community

Enjoying Healthy Community
To develop and deepen healthy community, it is essential that we are united. In this sermon, we see that the church is to be united for good works and against division.
When we share this common unity and passion, a powerful co…

How to Live in the World

Christians are meant to be the best citizens and co-workers out there. That may be true for some, but not all. 
It is possible to use good works to boost one’s own reputation rather than God’s, robbing good works of their own goodness. They simply become…