The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

If you want to examine the claims of Jesus Christ to see if they have merit, start by studying the Gospel According to Mark.

Over the next few months we shall be examining the central teachings of Jesus as we read and think through passage by passage of Mark.

Many people who dismiss Christianity do so because of past experiences with the Church or with people who claim to be Christians. Rarely it is because they have taken time to read the primary sources, think through the claims of Christ, and conclude that he is not to be believed.

As a church in Belfast we want to have a sound grasp of the life and teachings of Jesus. It is important for believers in Jesus to come to ever-increasing understanding and experience of him in our own lives and in our community. As a community on mission we are built upon the person and work of Jesus, so knowing him better is essential to church health and vibrancy.

Main text: Mark 1:1-8.

Sermon by David Varney, pastor Foundation Church Belfast.