The Authority of Jesus versus the Religious Gatekeepers

Jesus is seen as a threat by the upper hierarchy of the ruling religious leadership.
They were not there to welcome Jesus as he made his anti-climactic ‘triumphal entry’ a few days earlier. Their silence at his official arrival spoke volumes.
Now we see …

Fake Religion and its Alternative

Fake religion is a widespread problem. It convinces adherents that they are right with God and yet it lacks the power to produce profound transformation. Fake religion ultimately produces hypocrites.
In this episode we see Jesus tackle fake religion head…

Jesus: Expectation, Disappointment, Surprise

The community at Foundation Church Belfast is centred around one person – Jesus. What he said and did has profound implications for our life together. As we are a community shaped on this remarkable figure, it makes good sense to learn as much as we can …

Three Reasons For Hope This Christmas

No one can survive without hope.
As one ancient voice proclaimed, ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick.’
There is so much in life that can rob us of hope. Yet God spoke a message of hope to a hopeless bunch of people which still carries power and clarity …

United with Jesus: Baptism Sunday

Baptism is a powerful moment that shapes and defines the Christian faith. At its heart, baptism points to the profound spiritual connection between Jesus and his people.
In baptism we see what happened to Jesus, happens to us. Through faith, a believer…