Living the Radical Ordinary

How we interact with one another in the church carries attractional power before the onlooking world. According to St. Paul, the quality of our ordinary relationships beautifies the gospel of Jesus.
That elevates the importance of our relational connecti…

Fake Teachers and How to Deal With Them

The problem with an absence of good leadership is not no leadership but bad leadership.
Before elders were identified and commissioned in the new churches in Crete, fake teachers had crept in to the leadership vacuum, sensing an opportunity to build a st…

Frontline Church – Update

An interview with John and Kristen Murphy from Frontline Church, Fayetteville, NC.
Frontline Church is part of the Advance Movement of Churches.

True Repentance

John Murphy from Frontline Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina preaches from Psalm 51.
Frontline Church and Foundation Church Belfast are part of the Advance Movement of Churches: a global partnership of churches that exist to plant and strengthen chu…

Spiritual Food That Satisfies

In the Christian gospel Jesus invites us to a feast. We are invited not only to feast with him but feast on him.
Hours before he went to the cross Jesus hosted a feast with his closest friends. He held out bread and said, ‘This is my body.’ And also th…